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James Strauss

Concert flutist, soloist, recitalist, chamber musician and teacher

"As said by Marcel Moyse " Sound needs to be free like sunlight ".  LefreQue creates freedom of sound and improves the tone quality, response, and projection. I feel much more connected to my flute and the music.  I will never play without them anymore." 

Brazilian flutist James Strauss is known for his brilliant interpretations of virtuosic pieces, as well as over 20 CD releases of collaborative and soloistic works thus far in his career as a concert flutist.  In addition to performing with many different orchestras around the world such as the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Simon Bolivar Orchestra, and Europa United Chamber Orchestra he is an active recording artist for  Universal Music Group Artist. Actually Strauss is based in Vienna - Austria and enjoys a multi-faceted career as a leading soloist, recitalist, chamber musician, and teacher.
Instagram: papagenoflute

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