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Jos Jansen

Bass Trombone Soloist and music teacher

"I must say I am quite impressed"

Jos Jansen started his study at the school of music when he was 21. In 1989 he graduated as a teacher of music (bachelors) at Zwolle and in 1991 as a performing musician (masters) at the conservatory of Hilversum. Already during his studies he became a bass trombone player with the Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy. He left the service about 30 years later in 2014. 

Bass trombonist Jos Jansen is a many-sided phenomenon on the bass trombone. He feels at home in every genre. From classical music to jazz, from a tender berceuse to Egerländer festive music. On his bass trombone he plays sweet-voiced sounds as easily as a splendid fanfare. Serious at times and the next instant jesting and joking.



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