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Miriam de Groot

Freelance flutist, flute teacher at 't Clockhuys in Haren NL, instructor at the Pasveerkorps in Leeuwarden, ensemble leader and conductor of a chamber orchestra.

"Ever since my third year I have been addicted to the sound of the flute. This sound has always been very important, especially in the search for a new flute towards my graduation. I outgrew the flute I had at the time and wanted more than the instrument could handle. During this search I found my current Powell, a beautiful anniversary model with all the trimmings.
When trying it out, I was given the opportunity to try a headjoint that made the sound really mesmerizing, but everything comes with a price tag. So with a heavy heart, I let that headjoint go. The sound of the flute itself was of course very nice, I really can't think of anything negative about my flute. But I wasn't blown away...
Just before the WMC 2022 (world music competition), LefreQue visited the Pasveerkorps Leeuwarden to check all LefreQues again and they had their entire series with them. I was also allowed to try them with my own flute, which of course I wanted to! I just never thought that I would hear my dream sound again… With the right combination on my flute I found THE sound again! I could barely keep it dry and didn't really want to give back the sound bridges. I now play my concerts carefree, with much more confidence and freedom".

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