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Natalia Jarzabek

Principal flutist of the Krakow Philharmonic and PhD student at the Music Academy in Krakow

"Thanks to the lefreQue my sound-projection improved a lot. The tone of my flute is more round and rich, articulation more clear. I also have a better control on the intonation. LefreQue helps me to fill the entire concert hall with sound of the flute while solo recitals and to reach the listener more directly during the orchestra performances".

"2 little pieces of magic - something definitely not to be missed!"

 Natalia Jarzabek has studied in the flute class of prof. dr h.c. Barbara Swiatek -Zelazna and prof. Wally Hase. She is also a flutist of the Cracow Golden Quintet. In 2017, together with prof. Barbara Swiatek - Zelazna, she received the Ars Quaerendi award in the Master - Student category in order to write a textbook about the circular breathing and recorded a CD Infinity inspired by this technique, released by DUX, 2019. Her outstanding artistic personality and skills are appreciated by awarded distinctions, scholarships and a number of awards at international music competitions, such as the 1st prize at The British Flute Competition - Young Artist 2015. As a soloist she performed at the following festivals: The British Flute Society, Adams Flute Festival; Festival Universitario de Flauta Transversa, Mexico. 

Photo credits: Leszek Wojtal 

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