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Syrinx Quintet

VICTORIA LEE oboe, MICAH WRIGHT clarinet, PATRICK OLMOS saxophone, MATHIEU GIRARDET, bass clarinet, JEFFREY WASIK, bassoon

"LefreQue? Awesome"

SYRINX REED QUINTET is bringing a new voice to the Southern California chamber music scene. Founded in 2018, Syrinx Quintet boasts a versatile and colorful combination of avid teaching artists with backgrounds from all across the nation. Experienced in a wide variety of styles and comfortable in any venue, the ensemble offers bold and innovative repertoire in an industry that demands fresh creativity. Syrinx Quintet effectively communicates all music - from the Renaissance to contemporary and popular genres. Built and driven by its homogeneous instrumentation, Syrinx Quintet is proud to inspire new perspectives and collaborations in sound.


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