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Cody Messersmith

Low Brass Artist

" I thoroughly believe that LefreQue is the best supplemental accessory on the market. This is an accessory that should be viewed as a necessity for any wind player. LefreQue is definitely the next step in wind instrument technology".

"I first heard of LefreQue a couple of years ago from colleagues of mine. After
meeting Hans, the inventor of LefreQue at the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic in 2016 I was hooked. I now play with LefreQue and could not imagine playing
without it. LefreQue has helped me to bring my playing to the next level. As a tubist,
I must be able to provide a full, constant, and precise sound at any given moment,
LefreQue helps me do just that. My sound has never had such a pure sense of
resonance, as it does with LefreQue. Whether in the practice room, concert hall,
cathedral, or in the backyard playing for neighbors, LefreQue helps me make sure
that every note is full, pure, and in tune. Since my discovery of LefreQue, I highly
recommend it to all friends, collegues, and serious students."

Cody Messersmith
Low Brass Artist
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