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Decho Ensemble

Sarah Marchitelli and Jacob Swanson

"I was very taken with the obvious improvements in my instruments performance. The more responsive the instrument, the easier it becomes to share our intention. I'm grateful! "


Hailed as a “winning combination in every way!”, Decho Ensemble was founded by Sarah Marchitelli and Jacob Swanson in 2011 with the intention of sharing the saxophone as a concert instrument of wide ranging capability. Critically acclaimed for their “blend and precision”, the ensemble has performed throughout North America and Europe.

Presenting on concert series, television, and radio, the Decho Ensemble has collaborated with chamber orchestras, poets, dance companies, and ensembles/instrumentalists in addition to their all saxophone programming. Decho Ensemble has presented at the North American Saxophone Alliance Regional and Biennial Conferences as well as the United States Navy International Saxophone Symposium. Since 2016 the Decho Ensemble has participated in residencies at Mercyhurst University, Idaho University at Moscow, and with the Ny Musikks Komponistgruppe in Oslo, Norway as part of their inaugural PULS Festival. Collaborating with composers, presenting standard repertoire, and adapting early works for saxophones the Decho Ensemble continues to push borders and broaden the saxophone’s voice in concert music.

The Decho Ensemble performs on vintage Buescher saxophones built in the United States. 



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