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Philipp Gerschlauer

Saxophonist, composer and musical thinker.

"My lefreQue (55mm, 999 silver) gives me more overtones, direct attack and a wider range of dynamics. It feels like the saxophone consists of one part rather than of separate components. This creates more control, also in the top tone register.
 Some inharmonic overtones appear to be erased, some harmonic overtones amplified. This causes the tone to be more centered and able to cut through, yet also to be able to blend with other instruments."

Philipp is a pioneer in combining microtonality and jazz. He has divided the octave into 128 notes on the saxophone and in his compositions. Besides playing, he teaches clinics at universities around the globe. Philipp Gerschlauer is considered to be one of the leading microtonal saxophonists in the world.

He has published a fingering chart for saxophone which includes around 600 microtonal fingerings.

As bandleader he has recorded several CDs with his band Besaxung, which was followed by "Mikrojazz" (with David Fiuczynski, Jack DeJohnette, Matt Garrison, Giorgi Mikadze). This record was internationally widely acclaimed and considered to be groundbreaking by audience and journalists.

He is a faculty member of the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna (MUK) where he teaches jazz theory, eartraining and ensemble.

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